Keepy-Uppy Pro Kicks Off In MK

3 May 2012, 16:00 | Updated: 3 May 2012, 16:49

World keepy-uppy champion Dan Magness is trying to set a new world record walking 200 miles while keeping a football in the air.

His journey will take him from London to Manchester. He will have to keep the ball in the air the whole time using his feet, head and chest.

He's aiming to do it in 10 days- today is the third day. He set off from his hometown, Milton Keynes, at around 9:30.

He's hoping to make it all the way to Daventry where he'll finish for the day.

Heart asked Dan how it compares to doing keepy-uppys on the pitch:

"You’ve got pot holes, you've got cars, you've got roads to cross and all sorts of things which makes it a lot more difficult. Plus if I'm keeping the ball up while I'm standing still i might use my head quite a lot but its quite difficult to use your head because you can't see where you're going"

He might be a world pro but he says his body is finding it tough:

"This isn't so much about just keeping the ball up this is all body, its hard enough just to walk the distance I'm going but to do it keeping up a ball is making it really tough but hopefully I can get though it"

Dan's doing it all for a good cause, he's joined up with the children's charity Unicef for the challenge.

Heart when to see Dan as he walked along the V4 Watling Street:



He stopped for a few minutes to show us some of his skills: