Major Concerns About MK Hospital

27 October 2011, 14:27 | Updated: 27 October 2011, 16:21

An inspection carried out by the Care Quality Commission found some staff at Milton Keynes Hospital were not meeting essential standards. There are now major concerns about cleanliness and infection control.

One member of staff was seen not washing their hands before seeing a patient, another not wearing gloves or an apron. The hospital uses a colour coding system to label equipment when it has been cleaned the CQC found this was not being carried out correctly. 

The Inspection of Ward 20 was a follow up to a previous inspection to see if improvements had been made. The hospital showed that had made improvements in two areas but the not the third.

The hospitals Medical Director Martin Wetherill say's action has been taken to make improvements:

"We have increased the training of staff to make them aware of their duties and we have re-enforced all of our policies. The people that were involved in these incidents I have personally interviewed and appropriate action has been taken."


Martin Wetherill insists patents have nothing to worry about, he says the hospitals has one of the best infection rates in the country and says there has only been one case of MRSA this year.