Mark Webber in MK

8 September 2010, 14:05 | Updated: 8 September 2010, 14:07

Formula One Driver, Mark Webber, has helped out at a fundraising karting race in Milton Keynes.

The Australian star was at Daytona Race Track to help raise money for a local driver, who was injured in a racing accident at Brands Hatch last month.

Chris van der Drift broke his ankle, two fingers and cracked his shoulder, and is planning to use the money which is raised to pay for his treatment. Chris found out after the accident that he didn't have personal accident insurance to cover him for his rehabilitation, so also hopes the event will raise awareness of the importance of the right protection.

Hundreds of racing fans turned up at the race, which 31 teams took part in.

Mark Webber told Heart he tries to get involved with the local community when he can:

"I try to do what we can. Obviously we have a huge amount of requests that come in to the office every day. But I think, especially for young people, whenever we can do things to help the youth of the local area, that's always a positive thing."

Mark has recovered from a serious leg injury himself and says the support that Chris is getting from people in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area should help him cope better with his injuries:

"When you're on the ropes like that it's all new. Every two weeks is new in a way - you know, is this normal? Is that normal? And you've got different people telling you different things. So it's nice to have that support around you to get through the difficult times that you go through."