MK mum's blog up for national award

15 May 2010, 06:00

A Bletchley mum has been nominated for a national award for her parenting blog.

Pippa Wright started A Mother's Ramblings two years ago when she was pregnant with her second child.

And now she uses it to talk about her family and parenting stories.

On the site Pippa's known as Mummy, her husband as Daddy, her six-year-old daughter as Top Ender and her two-year-old son as Baby Boy.

Pippa WrightShe told us why she started writing:

"It was just to talk about the things that my daughter did, because she'd just come out with some great one-liners. And as I've developed the blog it's become more about parenting and the every day."

And when asked why she thinks it's so successful, Pippa told us:

"I actually asked my sister that the other day, and she told me it's because it's a glimpse in to a life that's not your own. Everybody wants to know what's going on behind closed doors and I'm talking about things which other parents are experiencing as well. It's not just me who finds parents at the school gates a bit unfriendly. It's not just me who worries that their child's not performing well at school or isn't making friends. And so it's not just me - it's everybody - it's everybody's experience."

As well as a good way to share parenting tips, Pippa says the blog acts as a time capsule:

"I like keeping a record. It's blogging for memories. When my parents were having me, and I was Top Ender and Baby Boy's age, it was photograph albums and now it's more digital."

About 400 people read Pippa's blog every month and she's been nominated for the MADS Awards - which recognise blogs written by mums and dads - for the Family Fun Blog.

Click here to read Pippa's blog.