MK trains get better

13 May 2010, 06:00

The train services from Milton Keynes to London are getting more reliable.

Last month, London Midland ran just under 93 out of 100 trains on time, compared to 89 trains this time last year.

Virgin Trains have also seen an increase - just over 89 out of 100 of their trains arrive when they should - that's up from 80 out of 100 a year ago. It means the train company is the most improved operator in the country.

The figures have been released by Network Rail, which is building its new head office in Central Milton Keynes.

Chris Gibb, Chief Operating Officer for Virgin Trains said: “We are really pleased for our customers that all the efforts by Network Rail and Virgin Trains teams have again produced strong figures during a busy period when many displaced airline passengers used us for the first time. We are not complacent however and will be striving for even better performance as we go through the summer months.”

Richard Lakin, who works for London Midland told Heart that major track investment has helped them to improve:

"Work at Wolverton's been recently completed, there's a lot of investment going in. There's a lot going on up and down the line, rather than focusing on one particular area. There are benefits that listeners are going to get up and down the West Coast."

In January, London Midland raised its off-peak fares by 3 percent, but Mr Lakin says they've improved because of investment:

"We're always working. Some of it's tinkering, some of it's more major projects, and obviously Network Rail have done a lot of work on the West Coast which has had a real improvement."

London Midland say they hope trains will be even more reliable from the 24th - when their new timetable starts.

Network Rail says these new figures show that across the country 94% of trains arrive on time - which is a record high.