More Police To Carry Taser Guns In Milton Keynes

7 October 2013, 06:00

Thames Valley Police will be deploying additional officers equipped with Taser guns in Milton Keynes from today (7th Oct 2013).

Officers in the town will be equipped with sufficient devices and trained officers in order to be able to effectively utilise the Taser equipment at any time.

The roll-out of taser devices in Milton Keynes has been a result of the Force wide plan to select more officers to be assessed, trained and equipped with the devices. Before now, only trained firearms officers have been permitted to carry and use Taser devices
Neighbourhood Policing Insp Paul Halstead said: "We have number of patrol officers who have gone through rigorous training in order to be able to effectively use the devices. I’m confident that the LPA will benefit from the option of using Taser devices when it is necessary."
Local policing commander, Supt Barry Halliday, said: "I am pleased that we are now in the position where we can start to use Taser devices. We are sure that by using them in Milton Keynes we will be able to protect our communities and further prevent crime in the area.

Of course, the use of Taser devices will only be considered where it is deemed necessary and proportionate to the behaviour officer’s encounter, and evidence suggests that the threat of using the device is more often enough to make people compliant and reduce the threat of harm and violence."