"Most Wanted" Launched In Thames Valley

We can now do more to bring serious offenders to justice thanks to a new website that’s being launched in our region.

The Most Wanted website is run by Crimestoppers. It allows us to look at pictures and E-fits and view CCTV footage of people currently wanted by the police in Thames Valley.

Launched in late 2005 the national Most Wanted site has successfully resulted in the arrest of more than 900 criminals, for offences ranging from murder, rape and drug smuggling to robbery and assault.

John Gamon is the Chairman of Thames Valley Crimestoppers. He’s been telling Heart:

“The Crimestoppers Most Wanted website has been most successful in helping catch a criminal every other day. I am delighted that the Most Wanted website is now going to feature criminals wanted in the Thames Valley area.

“The concept is simply: if you recognise any of the individuals featured on the website, pass your information on to Crimestoppers anonymously either online or by calling 0800 555 111. Simple but extremely effective, Most Wanted is going to be an invaluable tool to bring criminals to justice.”

He continues to tell us that only the most serious of crimes will be featured on the site:

“These are called Most Wanted for a reason: people in the region who the police particularly want to get hold of responsible for the more serious crimes, particularly crimes of violence, serious burglaries, thefts – generally offences against the person.”

You can view the gallery of Thames Valley’s Most Wanted criminals at http://crimestoppers-uk.org/thames-valley and click on Most Wanted.