New course for unemployed teens

11 May 2010, 06:00

Unemployed teenagers in Milton Keynes - are being given some hope for the future today - by starting a 3-week course, designed to develop their skills in training others.

Even within MK, there's around 750 teenagers who don't currently have jobs, aren't in education or in training, so called NEETS.

But one group are starting a new course today into offering other youngsters support, by becoming Sport Leaders.

It's a joint venture between Connexions MK and the ambitious Community Interest Company, "Make  A Difference".

The course begins today at the Bletchley Leisure Centre, and at the end of the programme, participants will achieve the Level 1 Sports Leaders award, and will be able to support sports sessions for young people.

They'll learn about sports leadership and the skills that go alongside it such as organisation, planning, communication and teamwork.

On completion, there will be support into community sport volunteering opportunities, training and work opportunities.

Stuart White from the organisation told Heart, "it's already inspiring those about to take part, one young man on the course has admitted, that previously he wasn't the most aspirational figure."

Stuart added, "this chap is actively looking to turn his life around and sees this as an integral part of the skills he can develop."

For more information about Make A Difference, click HERE

And for Connexions MK, visit them HERE