100 Years Of Aston Martin

17 August 2013, 07:29 | Updated: 21 August 2013, 11:54

It's a car make closely associated with James Bond and its 100th birthday's been celebrated in Newport Pagnell.

An Aston Martin festival was held at the parish church between Friday 16 August and Sunday 18 August 2013.

The festival was a celebration of the town's continuing connection with this iconic brand with the parish church of St Peter and St Paul on the High Street hosts an Aston Martin exhibition and flower festival.

The exhibition was staged by the Newport Pagnell Partnership, supported by the town's Historical Society, covering the Aston Martin centenary with emphasis on the last 50 years with a vintage Aston Martin on display outside the church.

The festival told the story of the brand with words and pictures and was be stewarded by former Aston Martin employees eager to share their stories about the building of these cars (including the Goldfinger DB5) and the people they met (including royalty) who visited the works in Newport Pagnell.

The Centenary Festival was not an official Aston Martin event, but is an expression of the local pride in the town's association with the company with the proceeds from the Flower Festival being shared between the Brooklands Day Centre and the Parish Church.

Aston Martin still has a strong presence in Newport Pagnell and its works centre is based in Tickford Street close to the town centre.