News Team Parachute Jump

Vikki Meakin from the news team at Heart in Milton Keynes jumped out of an aeroplane (with a parachute!) to raise money for our Have a Heart appeal.

Well, I did it!

On Sunday 21st March I jumped out of an aeroplane from 12,500 feet to raise money for the Have a Heart Appeal, which is donating to the Starlight Children's Foundation.

Am feeling very proud of myself...not just for doing the jump but also for managing to raise a good amount of money for the charity. Our target was £1,000 and we're almost at £1,100 so hopefully that'll help put a smile on a few children's faces in Milton Keynes.

If you haven't sponsored us and want to then you can do it here:

But, as proud as I am of my achievement, I'm starting to think I've become a really boring person, because my skydive is all I want to talk about! I'm really not interested in what anyone else did this weekend, I couldn't care about how people's days are going. All I want to say is "I JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE!!!!!"

I went to a dinner party last night and the poor birthday girl didn't get any attention because I stole it all to talk about my jump. My sister's just moved house, but when I call her tonight, I don't want to know about her new bathroom... my story is better!!

I'm not sure how long it'll take for the excitement to wear off. Probably until I don't have many friends left.

But for now, I'm still hugely proud of myself and not a good person to be around if you don't have much patience with extreme sports stories!!

Vikki x