Plans To Demolish The Point

25 May 2012, 15:02 | Updated: 25 May 2012, 15:48

Proposals to demolish Milton Keynes' iconic building The Point, and replace it with shops and restaurants, have gone on display.

When it opened in 1985, the pyramid-shaped building was the home of restaurants, a nightclub, a bingo hall and the UK's first multiplex cinema – something that is now commonplace in towns and cities across the country, but at the time was completely new to Britain.

Developers Hammerson say the building no longer meets the needs of today's leisure and retail businesses, because it has poorly configured floor space and reflective glass, which stops you being able to see in from outside.

They say "leisure and retail operators now require more flexible formats and The Point has been superseded by more recent developments (for example Xscape) which can meet the demands of leisure operators.  Accommodation in The Point building can no longer compete effectively."

In its place, they want to build "a high quality, attractive and open building", along the lines of that shown in the picture above.  Under the plans, the cinema complex at the back – currently operated by Odeon Cinemas – would also be demolished.

Hammerson's outline proposals have gone on display inside The Point and the company want the views of people in Milton Keynes on them.  You can see more details about the proposals and have your say at

The exhibition at the point runs until 6pm on Friday 25 May 2012, and from 10am-2pm on Saturday 26 May.

John Grinnell, Project Director, commented: "We know that The Point holds fond memories for long-term residents, but it has been superseded by other leisure developments in the city and no longer meets the needs of the community, or leisure and retail operators.

"We want to revitalise the site with contemporary town centre shopping, cafe and restaurant units which meet the needs of business and which will serve the community for the next 30 years."

What do you think about the prospect of The Point being demolished?  Have your say in the comments box below.