Play area destroyed by fire

12 May 2010, 06:00

Just a month after new play areas were installed across Milton Keynes, one of them's been set on fire.

Some of the equipment in Springfield, just off the H6, has been removed after a daylight vandalism attack.

Phillip Snell from MK Council says they're working hard to replace the £5,000 facility for local children - and neighbours and parents can help by keeping an eye on it - on behalf of everyone.

Mr Snell, who's the Senior Landscape Officer, Strategy, for MK Council, told Heart, "I think if people living in an area feel is a facility that was helped to be chosen by that community, doing things like this is not against some unknown body like the council or an insurance firm - it is against their own community."

He also warned that the insurance company, "won't pay out on vandalism of this nature so repairs and replacing equipment has to come out of a smaller budget - which would have been used for other equipment."

Anyone with information should call the environmental helpline on 01908 259 292.