Supercasino Opens

5 September 2013, 12:57 | Updated: 5 September 2013, 13:08

The UK's largest casino outside London has opened in Milton Keynes, and the people behind it are promising to help people with gambling problems.

The Casino MK is situated in the Central Milton Keynes Xscape complex.  Concerns have been raised that it could have a negative impact on local people, particularly those in nearby Fishermead - one of Milton Keynes' most deprived areas.

Aspers Casinos' Chief Operating Officer Richard Noble told Heart they will be on the look out for people with gambling problems.

"All our staff are trained to identify anybody who shows any sort of behaviour which shows they may have a problem with their gaming," he said.

"We will exclude them from the casino but we will also help them meet with organisations like Gamcare and exclude them from other forms of gaming.

"For the vast majority of people, gaming is a fun experience, but just like drinking and alcohol, for a small minority of people who have a problem with their gaming, we have to help."

The Casino MK is the second supercasino to open in the UK. The first opened in Stratford, east London, in 2011.

Its supercasino status means it can have 108 slot machines, instead of the 20 normal casinos are allowed. The casino is open to everyone over 18, although you will need photo ID if you look under 21.

Aspers Casino say their business model relies on 'small spend and high volume' meaning they are not expecting people to spend vast quantities in the casino.