Suspected arson in Wolverton

1 June 2010, 12:38 | Updated: 3 June 2010, 12:28

An investigation's started in to what caused a fire at a gas sub-station at Glyn Square in Wolverton.

18 people called Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service about the fire - which broke out around 7.41pm on Monday evening.

The fire involved gas from a mains pipe which caught alight. Police say it's being treated as suspected arson.

At its peak, the flames were going 50 feet in to the air.

On Sunday night at around 8pm there were also calls about suspected gas leaks in Field Lane and Bounds Croft in Greenleys and at Stratford Road in Wolverton.

Five families were evacuated from their homes as a precaution.

Crews from across Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire attended the incidents - the operation started to scale down the main fire at around 6am on Monday.

Thames Valley Police, Southern Gas, Southern Electric and Network Rail also helped at the scene.

Netto - which is next door to the gas line - suffered from some heat damage, but firefighters managed to stop it from catching fire.

Eyewitness Jason told Heart what he saw:

"The flames were well high at the time. You've got the height of this tree here and they were well above that. When I was standing on the viaduct last night you could see them on that from the V6."

James Mia told Heart:

i could see the flames clearly from bullington end nr haslope, it was quite a spectacle and it was from 3 miles away!