Swine flu vaccine

25 out of 28 doctors surgeries in Milton Keynes are now offering the swine flu vaccine for children aged between six months and five years.

Parents who have got children in that age group will be sent a letter soon, inviting them to contact their GP practice to make arrangements for the vaccination.

The three surgeries which aren't offering the vaccine are:

 Parkside Medical Practice in Bletchley
 Westfield Road Surgery in Bletchley
 Stony Medical Practice

If you are a patient at any of these surgeries you will be invited to take your child to Broughton Gate Health Centre for the vaccination instead.

Sue Frossell, Consultant in Public Health at NHS Milton Keynes said: “We are aware of the pressures put on GPs at this time of year and are therefore very grateful for their work in vaccinating people in the swine flu priority groups.”

For most people, swine flu has been a mild illness but it can cause serious complications for some.

Children between the ages of six months and under five years have been identified as the next priority group for the vaccine because they are more likely to be hospitalised if they fall ill with swine flu. They have higher rates of admission to critical care and, sadly, there have also been some deaths.

Sue concluded: “I strongly encourage local parents of all children in the priority group to make arrangements for their child to receive the swine flu vaccination when they receive their vaccination letter.

“The vaccination is the best way of protecting your child against swine flu. Ensuring your child receives the vaccine will also protect other people against swine flu as it will help prevent the virus spreading.”