Turnaround for MK bus routes

After a big outcry over new bus routes in Milton Keynes, bus company Arriva has agreed to change some routes back again.

They're also making changes to timetables to improve reliability, after concerns were raised about buses getting behind schedule. There were reports of students missing exams, people being late for hospital appointments and buses missing out stops because they were late.

The issue was even raised in parliament because of the level of local feeling.

Arriva told Heart "The changes reflect many of the comments and observations of both customers and staff since the review was introduced. All ward members of the council have been fully consulted about these changes by the cabinet member and our suggestions have received support from both offiers and councillors."

Many people felt they should have been consulted BEFORE the new routes came in on April 25th, but Linsey Frostick who's the Customer Services Manager at Arriva insists they did sound out local bosses: "There have been discussions and presentations to various members of the council for well over a year. We didnt' do a public consultation and I don't believe there are any areas where bus companies do that - but we DID consult with the council and other key stakeholders in the city."

These changes come into effect on 15th August:

Great Holm/Two Mile Ash to Stony Stratford
To enable a link to be restored between Great Holm/Two Mile Ash and Stony Stratford, the 14 service will be re routed via Great Holm and Two Mile Ash in both directions

At the request of local residents, the service will be reverted to operate via Manor Road in Bletchley

The service is to be changed to improve punctuality. The service will be re-routed in Wolverton and the CMK-Bletchley section of the route will be retimed to imrpove the overall reliability of the service.

At the request of residents of Kents Hill, the service will be re-routed on the estate to the Tunbridge Grove in both directions.

The service will not operate via Northcroft instead of Livesy Way to restore the link to Westcroft.

The service is to be retimed to improve punctuality.

You can get more information at www.arrivabus.co.uk/mkstar or by calling 0844 4411.