Who should run MK Council?

2 June 2010, 06:00

People in Milton Keynes are being asked how they want MK Council to be run.

At the moment the Leader of the Council is elected by councillors. The Leader comes from the political party which has the most council seats and they do not have a set time period which they are in charge for.

There is also a Mayor (or Mayoress) in Milton Keynes which is a ceremonial role, to promote the city and community.

But now, because of a government act passed in 2007, the way Milton Keynes Council is run needs to change. By the end of December this year, one of the two options below will be selected:

Option A: An executive and Cabinet Model
This is similar to what exists at the moment. The Leader of the Council will still be elected by the Full Council at the Council's annual meeting. But once the Leader is elected he or she will stay in office for up to four years and will be able to choose which Councillors he or she appoints to the Cabinet.

Option B: an Elected Mayor Model
Under this option, the people of Milton Keynes would elect a Mayor. The Mayor would stay in power for four years and would be able to choose which Councillors he or she appoints to the Cabinet.

Under both options there would still be a Civic Mayor, who would act as a figurehead for Milton Keynes.

A consultation's being run to find out which option people in Milton Keynes would prefer.

John Moffoot - who's Assistant Director of Democratic Services in MK - told Heart he hopes people will get involved:

"The type of government that they get will be the type of government that they choose to have. I know we have annual elections here but, nevertheless, people often criticise the leadership that they get in the council. This is their chance to say, 'this is the type of leadership that we want'."

You can send your thoughts to:

John Moffoot
Assistant Director (Democratic Services)
Milton Keynes Council
Civic Offices
1, Saxon Gate East
Milton Keynes

or you can e mail executivearrangements@milton-keynes.gov.uk

You've got until 8th July to make your comments and the final decision will be made at Full Council on 14th December.