Work Starts on Bletchley Memorial

1 September 2010, 11:44 | Updated: 1 September 2010, 12:03

The widow of a soldier killed in Afghanistan has been successful in her campaign to get her husband’s name added to the war memorial in Bletchley.

Angela Nicholls says a lot of the hard work was down to her father. “He contacted the town council and then Milton Keynes Council to get them to add the name”. 

Today at the memorial near St Mary’s Church, Angela watched as the scaffolding was being put up in preparation for the work needed to add her late husband’s name. 

Lance Corporal Ross Nicholls died in Afghanistan in August 2006 when he was 27. He’d enlisted in Edinburgh in 1995 and had served with 216 Signals Squadron. He’d completed a number of tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

His unit came under fire from insurgents using rocket propelled grenades and heavy machine guns. 

His funeral was held at St Mary’s in Bletchley and he’s buried nearby. 

Today his widow spoke of her pride in her husband and her hope that seeing his name on the war memorial would give their two young children comfort as they grew up. 

Speaking about how she'd feel seeing his name on the memorial she said, "Quite weird. It's not really going to affect me until I see his name on there and then it'll be a proud moment."

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