I have no idea what happened to me last night when I left work but I suddenly decided I was Nigella Lawson! I'm having friends over for dinner tonight, so I thought I'd make a cheesecake - I've never baked anything before in my life so I've no idea why I suddenly got the urge. I'm not going to lie the reality was way more Bridget Jones than Nigella! Ok, it wasn't a complete blue soup disaster but I did have to call my mum at one point (Mr.Darcey being unavailable and Simon being less help than me)! However said cheescake is sat in my fridge right now and I think it's ok! Think the lady in Morrisons Westcroft had it right though - when I asked for help with some of the ingredients she just looked at me like I'd gone completely mad and said 'But you can buy one for £1.50!' Oh yeah - why didn't I think of that!

Next week - Lucy Ellis attempts muffins!