Cute dogs and a million pound flying car!

Wanna know how they make the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car fly at Milton Keynes theatre?!

Not really but it made you look! Actually, even if they would tell me I’m not sure I’d want to know. It’s nice to have some magic left in your life and I wouldn’t want to ruin it! Not that I didn’t have a good old look when Chitty did actually soar above the stage – well, it’s part of the fun!

If you’ve got kids you probably hear people going on about ‘it’s a real family show’ all the time but trust me this totally is the perfect package! It’s got great songs, some slightly naughty adult laughs (that go over the kids heads naturally!) plus lots of silliness, some real Awwww moments courtesy of 11 real live dogs and a big dose of warm fuzzy nostalgia for anyone who watched the film repeatedly on rainy days as a kid!

If you’re are going to see it watch out for caractacus Potts’ wacky inventions – they are works of art and the baroness who has the best comic timing EVER! And of course, you can’t talk about Chitty without mentioning the truly terrifying Childcatcher who will give you something way better than the naughty step to keep your little ones in line! (be good or I’ll call the Childcatcher to come and lock you up!!!)

Lets not forget the real star of the show though which is of course a million pound car! Trust me, the moment Chitty Chitty Bang Bang magically lifts off the stage is worth every penny!