No strings attached, just a couple of wires!

So last night I helped to save a dying fairy by clapping my hands! Just an average Tuesday then!

Everyone needs a bit of magic in their week and I got plenty last night watching Northern Ballet Theatre doing Peter Pan at Milton Keynes Theatre. This is really charming - think very beautiful dancers doing the original story of Peter Pan and actually flying across the stage! Being a grown up (just) I know they used wires and I tried desperately to see how they were attached but they were so slick I just gave up in the end and enjoyed the show!

If you did ballet as a child you’ll probably remember doing fairy runs and good toes naughty toes. Well this is a bit more advanced than that! It’s easy to forget how demanding Ballet is because they make it look so easy and beautiful – particularly Tinkerbell who spent most of the show on pointe (actually dancing on the end of her toes!) I’ve tried this and trust me it hurts! No wonder Tink was a bit of a grumpy pants to Wendy! She had my deepest sympathy which is why I clapped extra hard when we had to save her!

Seriously if you fancy revisiting your childhood a bit then take your little ones to see this. It’s truly magical way to relive a really great story!

You can book tickets here


Here's a video of the rehearsals for Peter Pan: