Clooney Watch

Rumours that Clooney is going to marry Elisabetta Canalis have been circulating for days, but is the bachelor ready to commit to his Italian girlfriend?

According to reports, the Oscar winner is marrying the Italian model and actress today, however his camp has denied that the couple have any imminent plans to tie the knot.


The beautiful twosome has just celebrated their first anniversary together and they have been looking happier than ever lately, sparking rumours that they are ready to take their relationship to another level.His Lake Como neighbours have also noticed a marquee going up on the grounds of Clooney's villa, but Gorgeous George has vowed in the past never to wed again after his marriage to Mad Men actress Talia Balsam disintegrated in 1993 after only four years. 

Past relationships

George Clooney has had several publicized relationships in the past, including one with English model and radio presenter Lisa Snowdon and cocktail waitress Sara Larson.
He was once reported saying that his ideal woman would have the looks of Michelle Pfeiffer and the personality of Julia Roberts.

True Love

Many would say that George's true love was his adored Vietnamese black-bristled pot-bellied pig Max, who lived with him for eighteen years but sadly died four years ago. Clooney was reportedly heart-broken when his friend passed away. Let's hope, for Elisabetta's sake, that there is more than one soul mate in her boyfriend's life!

Will they/Won't they?

We don't know yet whether George will walk up the aisle today, but if rumours are to be believed, it seems that Elisabetta Canalis is the woman who'll make an honest man out of the bachelor.

'Mourning' George

Staff at Madame Tussauds, where George is one of the most popular waxworks have dressed in black in mourning at the thought of George tying the knot.