Pictures from Bank Wally-day Monday

Hundreds of Where’s Wally lookalikes poured into Yarmouth Market Place for the 2nd world record attempt.

UPDATED: Monday 31st May 5.00pm

But the record was not to be. The attempt on Monday 31st May fell short by just 123 Wallys.

However it wasn't all bad news. After all, stripes are in this summer! And there was a party going on in the Market Place.

Everyone who came enjoyed a fantastic day out and about £1000 was raised for Macmillan Cancer Care and our Have a Heart charity.

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World Record:

Great Yarmouth was trying to get into the Guiness World record books for the most number of "Where's Wally" lookalikes in one place at the same time. The current record of 1,052 people is therefore still held by the USA.