A47 Improvement: "Lets Get On With It!" Say Campaigners

21 March 2013, 05:00

After the government announced that £3 billion in savings through the new budget would be used to improve infrastructure around the UK, its hoped work to improve the A47 through Norfolk will start soon.

One of the main roads through Norfolk could be closer to being expanded after the government promised £3 Billion to improve infrasturcture around the country.

Just before yesterday's budget, the Prime Minister was asked about dualling the A47 - which goes from Yarmouth to Wisbech in Cambridgeshire.

Graham Plant is Cabinet Member for Norfolk County Council For Travel, Transport and Planning told Heart improving the road will bring a much needed link to the rest of the country, as well as improving safety.

A47 Improvements To Begin?

West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss said "I am delighted that my colleague Henry Bellingham MP pressed the Prime Minister on future road funding in Norfolk.

"We have witnessed too many tragedies on our roads  and I am keen to see funding allocated to ensure the A47 is fit for purposes.

"Money has already been committed to implement safety measures at Broadend Road Junction however more work needs to be done and I want to ensure the A47 can safely cope with the high volume of traffic.

"In the budget the chancellor announced that savings of £3 billion from government departments will be directed towardsinfrastructure. I will be maintaining the pressure on the government to ensure funding is made available for specific infrastructure projects like the A47."