Arminghall: Man Guilty Of Wife's Manslaughter

14 December 2012, 17:12 | Updated: 14 December 2012, 17:32

39-year-old Thomas Crompton was found guilty of causing severe head injuries to his wife at their home outside Norwich in June.

Thomas Crompton, previously of Manor Farm Cottages, Arminghall Lane, Arminghall, was found guilty of having assaulted his wife, 34-year-old Angela Crompton (Phillips), after an argument on June 11th 2012.


Angela Crompton

Angela Crompton


He was found to have caused such severe head injuries that she died two days later in Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Crompton was found not guilty of murder by the jury at Norwich Crown Court following a nine day trial - but guilty of her manslaughter due to loss of control.

At around 3.30pm on Monday 11 June 2012, Crompton had been working with his colleague in his foundry, creating metal sculptures which require the use of a furnace at very high temperature.  

In interview Crompton claimed that the melting iron process is very precise and demands considerable concentration and focus from all involved. He said that he had also been worrying about Angela's health and hadn't slept for the previous three days.

When taking a break from his work and returning into the house, Crompton had argued violently with Angela, resulting in crockery being smashed, something two witnesses heard.

After the argument, which Crompton said was over decorating their house, he tried to strangle Angela, possibly causing her to pass out and then attacked her with a hammer he used for his business.

Crompton returned to the foundry with the hammer, saying to his colleague that he had killed her. His colleague persuaded Crompton they needed to return and check on Angela who was found to be alive. Officers were called and administered first aid before Angela was taken to hospital with serious head injuries. 

Sadly on Wednesday 13 June, Angela died and Crompton was subsequently charged with her murder. 

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Firm, of Norfolk Constabulary, said: "This was a brutal attack on someone Crompton claimed to love.  Violence is never a good resolution to an argument and this is a tragic end to this couple's relationship, leaving their children and families devastated."

Family statement from Angela's brother:

When Angela married Tom Crompton in March this year we all hoped she had found the stability and happiness she wanted.  A little over three months later he had killed her.  We do accept that the actions of Tom Crompton on 11 June 2012  were out of character.  However, those actions have deprived three young children of their mother and put our entire family through a long and very painful ordeal. 

We are disappointed that the defence case focused on Angela's character and personal problems as if seeking to justify Tom Crompton's actions.  We do not believe his actions on that day can ever be justified.  It is true that Angela was a troubled person and we hope that she has found the peace she was always searching for in life.  It is also our hope that, in time, Tom Crompton will be able to come to terms with what he did and with the consequences of his actions.

Finally, our family would like to express our thanks to the Norfolk and Norwich University and Addenbrooke's Hospitals who cared for Angela before she died and to Norfolk Police for supporting us throughout the last six difficult months