Changes To Driving Test

4 October 2010, 05:30

Changes are going to be made today to how the driving test is done.

There is now going to be something called 'independent driving' and the ending of the publication of driving test routes.

Peter Rodger, IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) Chief Examiner, said: "This is a good step forward. All new drivers have to learn that multi tasking - controlling the car, looking out for hazards and planning ahead while navigating - is an integral part of day-to-day driving."

Adrian Baldry, who runs the A.N.Baldry School of Motoring in Stowmarket told Heart how 'independent driving' would work: "There'll be a short ten minute section where, if the signs are good enough, you'll get asked to follow a route to a destination, or if there's not good enough signage you'll get told three junctions whilst stationary and then another three junctions to follow. We've incorporated it into the lessons - something we used to do anyway to be honest - preparing people for when they're driving out there on their own."

He told us he thinks it's a good idea: "It's putting a bit more focus on making sure people are in the right lane, they are planning their route. I think it's a bit more realistic of what it's actually going to be like once they've passed and they're not being told every step of the way which way to go."

He added that it's not about making the test too hard, "They're actually dropping down to just doing one manoeuvre now, and examiners are going to see them doing more driving. There's nothing wrong with the candidate asking the examiner "Do you mean this", confirm where they're supposed to be going. It also doesn't even matter if they go wrong, as long as what they're doing, they do correctly and safely."