Dog Left Tied Up Outside Dogs Home

Staff at the Dogs Trust at Snetterton have found an abandoned dog tied up to their front gates.

The four year old Collie has now been called Luther by the staff there, who have managed to find some space for him.

Diane McLelland- Taylor, Dogs Trust Snetterton Rehoming Centre Manager said:

“We were so sad to see this beautiful dog tied up to our gate. He is a good dog and didn’t deserve to be abandoned in such a cruel way. We will of course do our best to find him the most suitable and loving home for his needs. Staff at the Rehoming Centre have already named him Luther and will make sure that he settles in with the rest of the canine residents at Dogs Trust Snetterton.”

A staggering 107,228 stray and abandoned dogs were picked up by Local Authorities from UK streets in 2009, according to Dogs Trust’s Stray Dog Survey. This represents an unacceptable increase of 11% and is the highest increase recorded since records began in 1997.