Drivers Caught in Summer Campaign

6 July 2010, 06:00

Norfolk police have announced the number of drivers caught out during their summer drink drive crack-down.

53 drivers out of 3800 tested positive for alcohol consumption whilst driving in Norfolk in the campaign that was timed to tie in with the World Cup and the summer barbecue season.

This year's advertising Campaign focused on the punishments if you get caught.

Convictions may start by losing your license or up to 10 years of prison. 

Ian Temperton, Chair of Think! Norfolk's publicity group said :"Our emphasis on reminding people of all they could stand to lose if caught driving after drinking has certainly been the main message in our campaign and I am very pleased to see that most drivers have listened and paid heed to our warnings." 

Figures across Norfolk:

Swaffham Road Policing - 405 tests - all negative

Acle Road Policing - 930 tests - 4positives

OCC Road Policing - 934 tests - 7 positives