East: 212,000 Still Out Of Work

Unemployment has fallen by 14,000 to 2.5 million. In the East of England unemployment has remained at 212,000.

In Norwich there's a new campaign running to half the number of youth unemployed over the next 2 years.

Norwich for Jobs is being backed by Norwich North MP Chloe Smith (Con) who wants to do something about the 2,000 14 - 16 year olds unemployed in the city.

Local businesses have been encouraged to offer work experience, apprenticeships and jobs.

Andrew Barnes is from Howes Percival Solicitors who are one of the companies signed up to help. He says its important to mentor young people in the workplace as they have many unique skills to offer.

"Young people understand a lot about our world that perhaps people my age don't. They're extremely aware of technology and new media and also about other trends in society and we can learn from young people in my view," he said.