East Anglian Game & Country Fair

28 April 2012, 06:00

Heart's being told more than 30,000 people are expected at the East Anglian Game & Country Fair at the Norfolk showground this weekend.

It has lots of animal shows and displays as well as food halls and trading stands.

Organisers also say that they have extended the exhibitor avenues to accommodate a new gardening and conservation area, with various demonstrations and workshops taking place by local experts. This year there will be an 'EcoVillage' - an area dedicated to promoting green living. 

There are several new arena displays including The UK Polocrosse Association, The British Racing School, sheep racing, tug of war competitions run by the British Tug of War Federation and Australian Horseman Jason Webb with his horse behavioural workshops. 

Other new attractions around the showground will include The UK National Horseboarding Championship. 

You can hear what else is featured at this year's show by listening to the link below:

East Anglian Game & Country Fair Organiser Andy Grand

You can visit: www.ukgamefair.co.uk for more information.