East: Eating Disorder Charity Back Facebook Help Link

16 April 2012, 15:05 | Updated: 16 April 2012, 17:46

Norwich based eating disorders charity Beat are telling Heart about why they are backing a help centre page on Facebook, which they have been chosen to be part of.

Facebook have put a link to the charity  - who give support to people suffering from things like anorexia and bulimia - on a safety information and resources page.

It means if anyone is concerned about something a friend has written online they can find out how and where to get help. 

Susan Ringwood is from Beat and is telling Heart that they are pleased to have been included on it: 

"If you're concerned about something you see online, you've now got a way of highlighting that, telling Facebook themselves about this issue and at the same time finding out important information about how to get help for the person you're worried about. This is going to help people do that so it's a great step forward."

Hear From Beat's Susan Ringwood