EAST: Campaign Catches Over 1000 Speeders

26 April 2012, 17:01 | Updated: 26 April 2012, 17:12

More than a thousand drivers were caught speeding in Suffolk and Norfolk last week

It was part of a big police campaign to try and get people to slow down and save lives 

In both counties last year - a total of 9 people died in crashes linked to speeding 

Norfolk police told Heart "During last week’s TISPOL Speed Campaign, 410 drivers were dealt with for excess speed in Norfolk (all officer interactions, not safety cameras).

"26 drivers were reported for consideration of prosecution, 198 were given Fixed Penalty Notices and 39 will be attending Speed Awareness courses. A further 147 drivers were given words of advice.

"The highest recorded speed was 123mph – for which the driver was reported."

More than 700 motorists were caught speeding in Suffolk in total.

During the campaign a total of 707 motorists were caught speeding, 616 of which were caught by SafeCam cameras and fixed cameras, and the remaining 91 were caught by police officers on patrol.

Sgt Paul Ward of the Casualty Reduction Team in Suffolk said:

"During the campaign our officers have been working hard to highlight the issue of speeding through enforcement and education and drivers should know that there is never an excuse for flouting the speed limit. Campaigns such as this see a heightened concentration on those speeding in the county but this remains a priority throughout the year and we will continue to crackdown on those who drive at excessive speed.

Thirty people were killed on Suffolk's roads last year and twenty in the previous year and the role speed plays in both fatal and serious road traffic collisions cannot be underestimated. It is a very simple message but a very important one - speed kills - and by targeting those who are speeding we hope we can save lives."