East: Children March To Get People To Drive Safely

20 June 2012, 06:00

Thousands of children across Norfolk and Suffolk will join a national march to get people to drive more safely.

Two thousand primary school children from 14 schools in the East of England will be marching for safer roads at 10am today as part of the UK-wide Giant Walking Bus, coordinated by Brake, the road safety charity. 

They will be calling on drivers to help protect children on foot in their communities by slowing down to 20mph around schools, homes and shops. Participating schools in the region who have invited media to attend are listed below.

Across the country, more than 120,000 kids from 600 schools will be simultaneously marching for road safety: saying yes to safe walking, and no to fast traffic. They will be trying to beat the Guinness World Record for the largest walking bus, set at 119,697 through the same event in 2009.

Brake is today revealing new government statistics showing that each week on East of England roads, four children are knocked down and hurt while on foot. At the same time, nationwide more and more parents are driving their children to school, meaning more traffic and pollution, and less chance for kids to get exercise.

Brake is calling on drivers across the region to help prevent tragedies, and make roads safer for children to walk to school and get out and about in their neighbourhood, by pledging to slow down to 20mph in communities. This is the compassionate, socially responsible way to drive, giving you time to react and brake in an emergency, such as if a child suddenly steps out. Drivers can make Brake’s Pledge at www.brake.org.uk/pledge.

Giant Walking Bus is an annual event coordinated by Brake, with primary school children around the UK walking simultaneously in a supervised group around their school or on a nearby route, while learning about and promoting safe walking. Schools get free road safety resources and can choose to raise funds for Brake. In the run up and on the day, kids can learn about traffic pollution, danger and transport choices and create their own placards and posters. The children also aim to raise thousands of pounds for Brake’s work supporting families bereaved or injured by a road crash and campaigning for safer roads for everyone.

Some of the schools taking part include Mendlesham Pre School in Suffolk and Clackclose Community Primary School in Downham Market, Little Plumstead Primary School and Hempnall Primary School in Norfolk.

Carolyn Triscott From Mendlesham Pre-School