East: Greater Anglia 'Determined' To Make More Improvements

4 February 2013, 06:48 | Updated: 4 February 2013, 06:55

A year since Greater Anglia first started running Norfolk and Suffolk's trains, they are telling Heart they are 'determined' to bringing more improvements.

In the last year they say they have made improvements to punctuality and customer satisfaction, as well as deep cleaning all the trains and bring in new print-at-home tickets.

Managing Director Ruud Haket said: “The entire team at Greater Anglia has worked extremely hard to improve our train services across the region and to put the customer first. I am very pleased that we have made good progress in delivering record levels of punctuality for the East Anglia franchise, providing much better customer service and developing more positive partnerships with our stakeholders across the communities we serve.

The encouraging improvement in our customer satisfaction rating is a positive endorsement of what we have achieved to date.  We recognise, however, that there is much more to do.  We are determined to raise service standards further, by continuing to improve and invest in the service we offer our passengers.  Over the next 12 months, we are aiming for better, more consistent, punctuality performance (through our “alliance” with Network Rail), as well as delivering more customer-focused initiatives – such as ongoing upgrades to station facilities and more ticket and product developments and special offers.  Passengers can also enjoy easier weekend travel, free of disruptive engineering work, for most of the year.

We remain absolutely committed to doing what we can to deliver a better service for customers during our short franchise and to working proactively with partners to secure the approvals and funding necessary to achieve major upgrades for East Anglia’s rail network in the longer term.”