East MEP Backs Fuel Price Investigation

16 May 2013, 06:00 | Updated: 16 May 2013, 07:10

East MEP Vicky Ford, who has consistently pushed for EU action against petrol price-fixing, is welcoming the launch of a major investigation into manipulation of the oil and petrol market.

She has tabled a series of parliamentary questions in Brussels urging the European Commission to probe serious allegations of price-manipulation levelled against major oil companies.
The Commission has announced a wide-ranging investigation as officials raided the UK offices of leading firms including Shell and BP.
Mrs. Ford, MEP for the East of England and Conservative spokesman on Industry, Research and Energy, said: "We have been working together to give the Commission a serious push on this issue.
"I persistently questioned them and urged them to sit up and take notice of this important issue. It is very pleasing that now they have.
"Sometimes when you ask questions of the EU you feel as though they disappear into a black hole, but it looks as though this time the right people have listened.
"I hope the investigation now underway will be as thorough and wide-reaching as it needs to be to root out any malpractice and reassure consumers that in future they will not be cheated.
"Motorists need be in the driving seat - not taken for a ride."