East: Weather Affects Outdoor Events

The organisers of the East Anglian Game and Country Fair are telling Heart that numbers at last weekend's event could have been down by as much as half.

The outdoor event took place over the weekend of the 28th and 29th of April at the Norfolk Showground and usually attracts more than 30,00 visitors. 

However, after heavy rain and flood warnings over the weekend in East Anglia, the organisers say their numbers were affected. 

All the mud created also meant cars and lorries had to be towed off the site.

Organiser Andy Grand says they had to do a lot of extra work just to keep the show going: "We had guys working through the night, we had wood chips coming in so we could keep the pathways as presentable as possible for people. Everything was x10 really. All your man power that's normally doing other jobs had to be redeployed to enable the show to continue."

Hear more from Andy Grand on how they were affected: 

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