Family Pay Tribute To Tragic Lowestoft Mum

16 April 2013, 21:33 | Updated: 16 April 2013, 22:00

The family of a Lowestoft woman have paid tribute to her after she and her children died on Monday.

Fiona Anderson died after a fall from the multi-storey car park in the town on Monday.

The bodies of her three children aged 3, 2 and 11 months were later found in a flat in London Road South.

Fiona's Mum Kerry, Dad Michael and sisters Claire and Laura Anderson released the following statement:

"Fiona was a beautiful, intelligent girl and a loving and caring person, but she had suffered from mental illness since she was young and we believe she was driven to her actions yesterday.

"This was not our Fiona – she was not herself.  She cared passionately about others but often brought stress on herself by caring too much. She was gentle but ended up under too much pressure.

"As a family we were close but she would often push us away, keen to do her own thing and not to listen when we offered support. Life was sometimes overwhelming for her.

"She was really popular but just didn’t believe she was and had forgotten there were people there that could help her.

 "We wish more had been done to recognise her mental health problems, which could be masked by her intelligence and creativity. She would often make costumes for the children, who she loved very much.

"Fiona will be known to many in Lowestoft as she attended Oulton Broad Primary, Lothingland Middle and Benjamin Britten High Schools and will be remembered by us as a girlie girl who loved Disney films and playing with her Barbies and My Little Ponies when she was younger.

 "While she was popular she was also a very private person and we’d ask that the media respect this."