Former Olympic Athlete Speaks to Schools

29 April 2012, 06:00

A former Olympic athlete's telling HEART why it's important for schoolchildren in Norfolk and Suffolk to get involved with the 2012 games this summer

Derek is most remembered for showing his determination and sportsmanship when he tore a hamstring in the Barcelona Games in 1992. Competing in the semi-final of the 400m and hotly tipped for a medal, Derek struggled to his feet and hobbled the remaining 250 metres of the race, accompanied by his dad.

He's been talking about his experience at Norfolk County Council with teachers about what it takes to succeed, setting goals, team building and overcoming obstacles.

He's also been giving teachers ideas for activities they can take back into their schools to capture the spirit and the values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The County Council has created six educational projects, involving over 17,000 children and young people, that have received Inspire Marks from the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games. The projects have all been inspired by or are closely linked to the seven Olympic and Paralympic values of respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality. Several of these projects will be showcased at the event and those behind them will be on hand to talk about how and why they have been a success.

They include:
Just Imagine/Imaginaction - a project giving pupils a chance to tour a virtual Olympic stadium;

A Vos Marques - a modern foreign languages resource based around the seven Olympic and Paralympic values;

Dance Aloud - a project that worked with students from the Deaf Centre at City of Norwich School, to explore the values of the Games through dance;

Grassroots - a performance group visiting schools to teach the values through African culture and traditions.

Dr Ken Goes for Gold - a primary school Olympics show, fusing maths, science, comedy and sport.

Derek Spoke to Heart about how he wants to get everyone involved:

Derek Redmond