Great Yarmouth: Three Bouncers Jailed For Assault

Three men have been given a total of two and a half years in jail after a man was left in hospital after a fight outside a nightclub.

Matthew Prady, 33, of Ladbrooke Road, Agbar Shirin, 32, of Southtown Road, and Mauro De Oliveira, 28, of North Market Road, all from Great Yarmouth pleaded guilty on January 29 of assault leading to actual bodily harm.

Prady was jailed for 10 months, Shirin for 12 months and De Oliveira for eight months and they were each ordered to pay £100 victim surcharge.

It happened in September last year, when police were called to a fight outside the Fallen Angels club after two men were refused entry to the club. One of the men threw a punch at door staff and was restrained on the floor but the three bouncers went on to kick, punch and stamp on the man.

The victim, in his mid 20s, was left motionless on the ground with a broken nose and a gash on his head that needed stitches.

When police arrived De Oliveira tried to blame two witnesses for the attack but CCTV soon showed the door staff to be responsible.

The Security Industry Authority have revoked the three men's door supervision licenses.