Ipswich: Three Sentenced After Girl Raped And Locked In House

26 February 2014, 13:01 | Updated: 26 February 2014, 13:15

Three men have been sentenced for locking a girl in a house in Ipswich and sexually assaulting her.

23 year old Jama Abdullahi, of Camel Road in London, 20 year old Badrdyen Saeed, also from Camel Road in London and a 17 year old boy from London appeared at Ipswich Crown Court today (26th February) having been found guilty at an earlier hearing held in January.

Jama Abdullahi, who had been found guilty of rape and false imprisonment, was sentenced to eight years imprisonment while Badrdyen Saeed, who had also been found guilty of rape and false imprisonment, was sentenced to eight years too. The 17 year old boy, who was found guilty of false imprisonment, was sentenced to an 18-month rehabilitation order, a 6 month supervision order and given a 13-week curfew.

The court heard that the 16 year old girl had visited a flat in Foxhall Road in Ipswich at around 2pm on Sunday 30th June last year, to meet with the 17 year old boy and two men after exchanging texts with them.

After entering the flat she was shown to a back room by the 17 year old and he told her that one or more of his friends wanted to have sex with her, which she said she didn't want to do. The boy then left the room locking the door behind him.

Badrdyen Saeed then entered the room and orally raped the girl. When he left he locked the door behind him.

Jama Abdullahi went into the room a short while later and also forced her to perform oral sex against her will before allowing her to leave the flat.

The victim made her way home and reported it to police that evening. Police attended the address in Foxhall Road and arrested Badrdyen Saeed, Jama Abdullahi and the 17 year old that night.

All three were found guilty at court on 28th January and were sentenced today.

Detective Constable Annabel Hicks who carried out the investigation said: "Abdullahi, Saeed and the 17 year old had come to Ipswich from London and set up a drug den at the address in Foxhall Road. They preyed on their victim, luring her to the flat by sending her text messages. On the day in question she came to the flat and made it clear that she had no intention of having sex with anyone, but was held against her will and orally raped by the two men.

"The girl was incredibly brave to contact the police the same day and was able to identify the flat so we were able to make the arrests that evening.

"I hope the sentencing today will provide some comfort to the victim and will also give others the confidence to come forward and report incidents such as this.

"The victim has, and will continue to receive support to help her through, what I am sure has been a very difficult time.”

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Bacon who oversees the work of the Gemini Team at Suffolk Police who are dedicated to investigating sexual offences said: "Today’s sentencing has come at the end of a detailed and thorough enquiry not only carried about by the Gemini Team but assisted by response and CID officers who assisted with the arrests and investigation.

"Sexual offences are always taken seriously by Suffolk Police and I echo the words of DC Hicks; I hope that the sentencing will not only reassure people about the work we do, but give people the confidence to come forward and report incidents to us if they have been a victim of a sexual assault.”