Local Actor In New Pirates Movie

Stars including Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz were out on the blue carpet in London last night for the UK premiere of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie - ''Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides'

Joining them was 25-year-old actor Sam Caflin who also stars in the film as a missionary in love with a mermaid.

Sam was born in Ipswich but trained in Norfolk. He was a member of the junior arts course and the youth theatre company at the Theatre Royal in Norwich.

David Lambert from the theatre used to teach him and told Heart why he thinks he's done so well: "He had a great talent and he's a very good looking lad, he's very keen, he's personable, so I think one always thought that with that talent he was going to a fair way, whether one thought Pirates of the Caribbean this early in his career - who's to say - but he does actually have talent, as well as the looks and the luck."

At the premiere, Sam himself told us what it was like working with Johnny Depp: "He truly is the most incredibly generous gentleman in the world and I'm so thankful and lucky to have had the opportunity to work with that man. Johnny Depp actually said when my parents were visiting on set, 'Stay grounded and never forget where you came from'. I owe everything to that man and it's obviously worked for him, so I'm very grateful for the opportunity again."