Lowestoft: 11 Rescued from Sinking Boat

23 July 2012, 15:48 | Updated: 23 July 2012, 17:50

Eleven people have been saved after their boat sank near the entrance to Lowestoft harbour.

The crew of Lowestoft RNLI Lifeboat carried out the major rescue Sunday lunchtime saving eleven people in the sea.

It happened so quickly there had been no time for its crew to send a "mayday" call. 

The Lifeboat crew were returning from a routine Sunday morning training exercise when they saw the rapidly sinking boat and were quickly alongside. They could see four people trapped in the boat's wheelhouse as the vessel sank by the stern. They were able to escape through a window. 

All eleven were rescued from the sea and were taken to Lowestoft Lifeboat station where they were assessed by ambulance paramedics, before four were taken to the James Page University Hospital for further checks. 

Just part of the bow of the boat remained above the water level after it sank, and the vessel was salvaged during the evening and was taken to Lowestoft Harbour.


lowestoft ship sinking

Mike Richford from Lowestoft Lifeboat Service