Lowestoft: £18 Million Flood Barrier Proposed

22 November 2013, 10:50

Lowestoft Flood Defence Barrier - Flood Area

Proposals for a flood defence barrier for Lowestoft are being considered after a study showed that climate change could lead to tidal flooding on the coastline.

The study was commissioned as part of the Lowestoft Transport and Infrastructure Prospectus for 2013-2025 (LTIP), which aims to improve the town’s transport and infrastructure.

Tidal flooding in the area was previously believed to be a 1-in-a-1000 year event, could become a 1-in-a-20 year event within a century, due to rising sea levels. This would mean that floods, like the one seen in 1953 could occur up to every 10-20 years.

This would affects hundreds of residential properties, creating significant damage and loss of trade for the town and also causing major disruption to local infrastructure.

When talking about the study, Cllr Colin Law, Leader of Waveney District Council said:

“One of our key pledges, as part of the Lowestoft Transport & Infrastructure Prospectus, was to commission the most detailed and reliable flood risk assessment that Lowestoft has ever seen. The findings are stark, however - by working together with partners - we have an opportunity to deliver a landmark scheme which will safeguard homes and businesses, while further encouraging future investment in the town."

The proposed barrier would run from Hamilton Road, then along the A12, down and across Lake Lothing, then around the Yacht Club and along the South Pier. The outer harbour will feature a flood gate which will close when a flood is anticipated. The barrier will also be able to artificially lower water levels in the harbour to also reduce flooding caused by heavy rain or snowfall.

Lowestoft Flood Defence Barrier - Location

Peter Aldous, MP for Waveney and Chair of the LTIP group said:

“The purpose of the Lowestoft Transport and Infrastructure Prospectus is to ensure that Lowestoft has the infrastructure necessary to attract business and jobs to the Town. High quality and improved flood defences are vitally important, alongside road and rail improvements.

“I welcome this study, which provides the basis for working up detailed proposals, which will be put out to public consultation, further scrutinised and then finalised. I shall be working with the councils to ensure that the necessary funding is secured from Government.”