Lowestoft Celebration Plan for Ogogo

17 August 2012, 06:00 | Updated: 17 August 2012, 06:44

A special celebration is being planned for Lowestoft's Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo.

On Tuesday, August 21 a special event is being organised starting at 5pm in Lowestoft Town Centre to mark his efforts, with the exact details still being finalised. 

“Anthony’s outstanding efforts deserve to be marked publicly and I am sure the people of Lowestoft will turn out to pay their own tributes to our very own Olympic superstar. I will be presenting him with a Lowestoft Shield as a small but lasting token of how proud we all are of him,” said Cllr Nick Webb, Mayor of Lowestoft.

 “The Lowestoft Charter Trustees, Lowestoft Town Centre Partnership and Waveney District Council are working together to make sure that we can create a fitting event when hopefully people will turn out in large numbers to say their own congratulations to Anthony,” added Cllr Webb.

The full details of Tuesday will be announced soon and Heart will have full details when it is announced.                          

Another date for the diaries is Thursday, September 26 when Waveney District Council had already agreed with Anthony that he would attend a Full Council meeting that will also now be a chance to formally commemorate his achievements as well.

 “We all know that Anthony had personal battles as well as the best of the world’s boxers to contest with during London 2012, and his courage and success has won him even more supporters across the whole of Waveney,” said Cllr Colin Law, Leader of Waveney District Council.

 “Anthony has been such an excellent flag-bearer for our district throughout his sporting career that we had invited him to our September meeting. His medal-winning achievements at London 2012 will now make that night even more special and we will be sure to mark it so that he can once again realise how much the district is knocked-out by his talents and the example he has set for us all,” added Cllr Law.

ANthony Ogogo with Olympic Bronze Medal