Maternity Wards: Suffolk MP Says They Will Improve

7 January 2014, 15:11

After claims our maternity wards can't cope with obese and older mothers, a Suffolk MP's told Heart more is being done in our region to tackle it.

Ipswich MP and Health Minister Dan Poulter says work to make sure mums are given more support and a better birthing environment is paramount. 

Heart's Hannah Griffiths spoke to him earlier:

Maternity - Dr Dan Poulter MP

It comes after figures came out earlier showing there's been an increase of around 12% in obese and older mothers. One hospital say they've had 200% more overweight mums in just a couple of years.

It's claimed hospitals in England are struggling to cope with the rise and it's putting too much strain on the NHS.

Bosses have now ordered their own study into the issue.