More help for Eating Disorder Sufferers and Families

17 October 2012, 05:00

From tonight, more help's being made available for people with eating disorders and their family and friends.

Beat, the Norwich-based, national eating disorders service are starting new online chat groups both for sufferers AND the people around them who're affected.

Its for people all over the country who can't make meetings or find it too difficult to go.

They're aimed at over 18s - as new research has shown the service is hearing from lots of adults who've had eating disorders for a long time and have never been treated. 

Tonight's (Wednesday, October 17) is for carers which means parents, friends, boyfriends. girlfriends, and spouses.

Louise Dunn is running the groups and explains more about the new service.

Louise Dunn from Beat

Online Recoverers Group will start on Monday 29th October 2012 between 7pm-8pm.

Beat groups do not offer treatment, counselling or therapy but everyone attending supports each other by sharing experiences, thoughts, successes and problems.

For more information about the Online Support Groups please see:

Participants must register before attending an Online Group – please use the link below: