No Alligators at Norfolk Holiday Park

3 June 2011, 13:10 | Updated: 3 June 2011, 13:18

Despite some national reports - Heart is being told by the manager of a holiday park there are no alligators in their lake.

Police got reports that two alligators were seen in the water at Waveney Valley Lakes at Wortwell near Halesworth.

An officer was sent to speak to the managers but it turned out to be some wood in the water.

A Norfolk Constabulary spokesperson said:

“We received a call from another police force who were contacted by a member of the public reporting the alleged sighting of two reptiles in a lake at a Norfolk fishing venue. One of our officers visited the owners of the venue to make them aware of the claim. The owners are confident the allegation is false and the matter is now closed.”

Park Manager Dave Potter said:

"We never believed we had any alligators of crocodiles on the lake, we believe people saw a couple of logs that were floating around."

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