Norfolk: 50 New Jobs In Chocolate Factory

5 May 2013, 06:00

A Norfolk chocolate factory is taking on 50 new staff after winning a contract to sell it's products around the world.

Kinnerton Confectionery in Fakenham have won the rights to produce chocolate versions of famous ice cream brands.

They'll sell the Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milk chocolates around the world.

The company's told Heart until now their business had been very seasonal at Christmas and Easter but this big new product will mean they can take on and train more permanent staff.

Richard Reilly, Managing Director at Kinnerton said: "In the chocolate market, most consumers are drawn to brands that they know and love; additionally the confectionery market relies on new product development to drive growth.  Brands such as Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milk have huge brand awareness, which presented us with the opportunity to create exciting new products that replicate the ice creams, extending these much loved brands into the confectionery aisle."