Norfolk: Advanced Cancer Screening Confirmed For 2013

19 December 2012, 05:00

Its after the government announced more advanced testing would be trialled at 6 hospitals around the country.

The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital is one of the places chosen to try the tests before its used across the country.

They will be trialled as part of the government's plan into offering more advanced screening for cervical and bowel cancer.

The new tests will check for traces of the HPV virus, which is linked to cervical cancer, as well as cell changes.

Viki Frew, Consultant Biomedical Scientist for Cytopathology at NNUH, said: "The link between HPV and cervical cancer has long been known, and with advancing technology we can now test for the virus as a first line of investigation. This screening method is known to be a more effective way of detecting the precancerous lesions of the cervix needing treatment."
"Although the virus is very common and most women clear the virus without experiencing any symptoms, if these forms are present at the time of their screening test, it indicates to us which samples need to be examined in more detail under the microscope".

When the pilot is finished in Norfolk, it'll be rolled out across the rest of the country.