Norfolk And Norwich Hospital Gets Extra Cash To Stop Queuing Ambulances Problem

22 April 2013, 04:00

Millions of pounds is being given to the Norfolk and Norwich hospital to try and stop the problem of queuing ambulances.

Its after dozens were left for hours trying to drop off patients at the A and E department over Easter. 

Managers from the N and N, Ambulance Service and Clinical Commissioning Group have had a meeting at the end of last week.

The Clinical Commissioning Groups for Norwich, North Norfolk and South Norfolk will be providing an extra £2.5 million this year to pay for 20 extra nurses and doctors within the emergency care departments at the N&N.

Its after ambulances were held up for hours at a time on Easter Monday, whilst trying to drop patients off at A&E.

The money is also being spent on introducing a better tracking system so staff can work out when an ambulance is likely to arrive at the hospital.

Dr Chris Price of the NHS Norwich CCG said: "These changes may take time to put in place and all of the partners recognise there is still much to do. But these are important, positive changes which we believe will help.

"Issues around ambulance response times in rural Norfolk and pressure on our hospitals are not new and neither are we alone, there is rising demand for urgent NHS care all over the country."